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Treating Different Coughs

What is a cough?

The cough reflex is the respiratory tract’s first line of defence. It is the body’s way of helping extract any foreign material that accumulates in the airways. Coughing can affect children and adults of all ages. Duration and severity will depend on the type and cause of the cough.

Coughs vary in type. Coughing can be a part of a wide range of unrelated diseases, from the common cold to hayfever.  Coughing is a sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs, usually produced to help the airways of the lung free foreign matter.



It’s important to remember there are many different types of coughs and each require different medicines. This can often be confusing. A dry cough, also known as an unproductive cough. A chesty cough, which is a productive cough and an in between cough, medically termed as a congested unproductive cough.



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